Tring Ltd. and Fiskus Ltd. concluded an agreement to acquire the source code of software applications Infos Express, POS Plus, MAP and all the necessary tools to independently upgrade them. The subject of the contract is also the portal used to manage and upgrade the licenses.

Infos.Express is a business application for micro and small enterprises.

MAP is designed to record all the activities and the processes for independent craftsmen and POS Plus is used for enterprises in retail industry.

„Tring's long-term strategy didn't include further development of these applications, so we wanted to find a good partner to continue development and support for these applications. These two companies began cooperation on this project 2 years ago and in this time we were able to round up the functionality of the applications and to train colleagues in Fiscus in applications management. We are confident that the Fiskus is right choice and that they will continue independent development and marketing of these products in BiH.“, announced Tring.

15.10.2015 15:01:00