One of the key requirements for getting GSMA license, that was required to implement by Elatec Ltd. Grańćanica, is to manage the access control system.

It is a complex system that requires accurate detection and logging the presence and movement of employees and visitors, a unique control system supplying building goods, the implementation of security passes "one by one", access control to all areas, visual and audible notification in case of incidents, and fully 24-hour monitoring and logging system.

After analyzing the bids, Elatec concluded that they cannnot find solution that satisfies all these requests. On the basis of the proposed solutions and references they elected Tring Ltd. Gracanica to build the system.

The proposed solution included the development of special electronic boards and integration with Elatec Mifare readers, the development of a special "embedded" software with network communication, the design of the unit housing with the "touch" keyboard, to define and implement a specific protocol, development of complex desktop solutions for communicating with devices, and "live monitoring, logging and notification" system.

For implementation and installation of the complete system, dedline was in 4 months. Development and implementation involved all development departments in Tring.

The result was a positive opinion at the first audit by the Commission accredited for GSMA obtain licenses.

Tring would like to thank the Elatec management and etire collective for believing in Tring selecting and implementing solutions. This cooperation shows that there are enough high-quality companies in our country, who are able to meet the world renowned companies demands.

Elatec Group
Elatec GmbH is an international and technological enterprise that brings solid core competence in the sector of intelligent electronic devices and cards and security technology.

Founded originally in Munich, Germany in 1988, Elatec today has a global presence through it's various subsidaries and representative offices which now includes the USA, since April 2013, through it's branch in Palm City, Florida.

Tring Ltd.
Tring Ltd. is a leading fiscal printer manufacturer in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and well-known supplier of the quality products, services and solutions in the fields of ICT, electronics and mechanical engineering.

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