We present you with the new products that will further enrich our range of quality fiscal solutions.

Cash register Tring One is the first certified cash register with a tape width 57m fully developed and produced in BiH!

This modern designed cash register can be used as mobile and desktop option.

It uses "Easy Paper Loading" system.

One of the essential innovations is touch-sensitive keyboard, which is a hit when it comes to user commands acceptance system.

There is a special interface that is used to connect barcode scanners and cash drawers.

Print a duplicate of all fiscal documents is possible at any time.

Tring Epson T202 is the new fiscal printer that completely replaces its extremely successful predecessor, the T200. It is based on the latest Epson Corps with auto paper saver, print speed up to 200 mm / s and guaranteed 15 million lines printing.

The biggest change is compatibility with operating systems:
1. Linux - through "C native library" without using Tring.Fiscal.Server
2. Andriod - through "C native library"
3. Windows - through "C native library" or Tring.Fiscal.Server

Existing software solutions that are integrated with Tring.Fiscal.Server don't need to be further adapted.

17.9.2015 14:33:00