After more than four years of investing in equipment, technology and employee knowledge, Tring d.o.o. has started delivering electronic printed circuit boards (PCBs) to customers in the EU. This is a significant step, both for our company and for BiH. The EU market is one of the most demanding when it comes to quality requirements and delivery times.
All relevant world manufacturers of printed circuit boards are present in this market, including those from the Far East (China, Taiwan, Japan). In this global competition and despite all the aggravating circumstances (availability of raw materials; complicated, and often unregulated, administrative procedures of import and export;), we managed to impose quality and we are recognized as a reliable and secure partner.
In the future, we will continue to invest in technology and knowledge transfer in order to meet the additional requirements of our customers, which directly affects the possibility of creating new jobs.
Our team faces new challenges. The team, which currently has 18 engineers, a total of 22 highly educated staff and 15 other professionals, has no doubt that it will successfully overcome them.

20.1.2020 19:51:00