EMS Intro

We offer a competitive electronic manufacturing services. With two automatic SMT lines, we are able to place minimum 1.000.000 components a day. There are also quality TH equipment for wave and selective soldering processes (leaded and lead-free).
Our location (only 50km away from EU) allows the next day express delivery to the most of the Europe and 2-3 days to the rest of the world (by DHL EXPRESS).
Starting from 2014 we implement IPC standard and ISO 9001:2015 from 2017.

EMS Subcontracting

We partner, as a subcontractor, with the most valuable EMS and PCB related companies around Europe. Our technology and personel experience, continious learning and process optimization, investment in high-tech equipment, partnership with most advanced EMS suppliers, inovative, progressive and "clients-first" business approach, allow us to become a preffered EMS partner.

EMS Technology & Equipment

We partner with the world-class EMS suppliers in order to maintain required EMS quality.
We have been continuisly investing in the high-tech EMS equipment: Universal Instruments, Ersa, Hanwha, Mantis.
We also use MANIS (Manufacturing Information System) for planning, optimization and controlling of materials, processes and final products. All production history data are stored for keeping information about the production. Also, we mark every product with barcode in order to ensure product tracebility.

EMS Capabilities and Quality

Please download our EMS/PCBA capabilities and other related documents.

EMS/PCBA Capabilities ISO 9001:2015 UL certificate RoHS certificate A+++ bonitet company
EMS/PCBA production gallery