Telethings LoGa1 - LoRa Gateway


Telethings LoGa1 is a gateway that allows easy connection and secure data exchange between IoT and other devices based on LoRaWAN technology with Telethings IoT Cloud or other similar IoT solutions.

The basis are LoRa and LoRaWAN.
LoRa (abbreviated from "Long Range") is a SSM radio technique derived from CSS technology, which uses an unlicensed radio frequency band that allows the development of cost-effective IoT systems and solutions as an alternative to GSM / GPRS network.
While LoRa is a physical layer, LoRaWAN is a network protocol that allows battery-powered devices to connect to the Internet.

Telethings LoGa1 has been preconfigured (Plug & Play) to connect to Telethings IoT Cloud.

The device is powered via PoE while the connection to the Internet can be made via Ethernet port or optionally via 2G / 3G modem.

Also, optionally, the device has a GPS module that can be used for geolocation services.

Depending on the application, the device supports various versions of external antennas.

The user can configure the device via a service application specifically developed for the device only. In addition, it is possible to upgrade the firmware of the device via the same application.

The housing of the device meets the IP65 protection standard, is easily mounted on flat or tubular surfaces and can be used as an outdoor or indoor gateway.


Naziv modela Telethings LoRa Gateway
Software Semtech utemeljen na prosljeđivanju paketa
Hardware Semtech SX1308/1257 solution, ARM Cortex-M4 MCU
Frekvencije LoRa (TM) bidirekciona komunikacija (RX: 863-873MHz, TX: 864-873MHz)
Ostale LoRa karakteristike Osjetljivost do -139 dBm; 10 programabilnih paralelnih putanja; 49 LoRa demodulatora preko 9 kanala; LoRa faktor višestrukog širenja; Dinamičko prilagođavanje brzini podataka
Interfejsi Ethernet RJ45 konektor, LoRa/LoRaWAN, GPRS (1800-1900MHz) /2G
GPS Integrisani GNSS GPS modul sa visokom osjetljivošću, Interna antena
Adapter napajanja 12V / 2A POE
Radna temperatura ~0°C - 70°C
Kućište Kućište od plastike, IP65 zaštita
Primjena Pametno mjerenje (Voda, struja, temperatura, plin); Mreža sigurnosnih senzora; Nadgledanje poljoprivrede; Internet of Things (IoT)
Dimenzije 200mm x 90mm x 40mm


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